wishing well all scrap wood, diy, woodworking projects

Wishing Well - All Scrap Wood

Too much time on my hands made this over the weekend, and it is all from scrap wood. This definitely is a proto type. I am going to make an official one along with some furniture and bring it on down to the River Walk in La. Tell me if you like this? Like I said it is from scrap wood, and spare shingles.

my little good luck garden ladder arbour made in minutes, gardening, landscape, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

My Little 'good Luck' Garden Ladder Arbor, Made in Minutes!

This weekend while taking a break from all the garden weeding, I glanced over at my boring gate and started to brainstorm. What could I do to enhance it a little?
With pallets, sawhorses and ladders strewn around my yard (this is normal, right???), I propped up two ladders, attempting to figure out an arbour of sorts. Then I stepped back to assess...
But it was already done. That was easy. :)

my preview of next spring from a rusty old bicycle basket

My Preview of Next Spring From a Rusty Old Bicycle Basket

Almost everyone likes pretty things, nice smellng things, shiny things, soft touchable things, but what is there to like about an old rusty bicycle basket that's been thrown in the corner of the porch for the past 6 years? EWWW!

where do old bikes go when they die to the garden of course

Where Do Old Bikes Go When They Die? To the Garden of Course!

My old bike from the 50's was great fun. It was handed down to me from my sister. I rode many streets of Inglewood back in the day. The bike went from LA to a small town and stayed at my parents where grand kids could ride it. Then I ended up with it and it sat in the junk pile! Then a friend thought he could restore it. Alas, the frame was bent. But he repainted it and surprised me by returning it. There was a moment I can tell you. So I put it out in the play yard as a decoration and there it sat until I was inspired by another DIY'er.

planters for the patio table

Planters for the Patio Table and Yard

We enjoy our patio and deck area in the evenings with the cooler temperatures and dry breezes. It is difficult to grow gardens where water is so precious so I made some homey planter decorations for our patio. It gives it color and a cozy homey feeling as we relax after work is done. We also have a few planters down off our deck we can see while sitting at the table. Here are a few combinations of real planters and faux planters.

creating a garden in miniature, gardening


Step by step instructions on how to create a birdbath planter.

upcycled bowling ball yard art, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Bowling Ball Yard Art

I made myself a little lady bug for my yard from an old, upcycled bowling ball :o)

how to make a garden plate flower wind chime, crafts, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

How to Make a Garden Plate Flower Wind Chime

Spring is just around the corner and at this time of the year I love to start thinking about fun items for the garden like wind chimes and garden plate flowers.

a pile of salvage a hutch top a to die for potting bench, diy, gardening, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

A pile of salvage + a hutch top = a to die for potting bench

My bestie, Liz has been collecting parts, pieces and stuff to create a potting bench. She has been collecting these parts over thousands of miles. When she comes to NC to visit me or in Texas where she lives. She hauled, shipped and did a carry on for those watering cans. Nothing stops her when she is on a mission and has a vision to bring to life.
The whole piece is comprised of found items. The legs are old porch columns, the top is an old chippy door. The shelving unit on top is from an antique store part of an old hutch I think.

how to repurpose a ceiling fan light fixture into a bird feeder, gardening, painting, repurposing upcycling

How to Repurpose a Ceiling Fan Light Fixture Into a Bird Feeder

Ceiling fans are a huge thing where we live. The summers are hot and humid and we've grown so accustomed to running them (even in the winter sometimes) that when one breaks, it's no small thing. When the inevitable happened at our house last year, a trip to Lowe's was top priority and my electrical-bent husband had us up and running again in no time.

from an ugly dirt yard to a beautiful oasis, curb appeal, gardening, landscape

From an Ugly Dirt Yard to a Beautiful Oasis

When we moved into our house 2 years ago it had been abandoned for 3 years. The front yard was nothing but dirt with an ugly cypress within sight line of the front door. Two trees on the side of the lot was the only bit of color the lot had. We now have a beautiful front yard..

diy front walk, concrete masonry, curb appeal, diy, gardening

DIY Front Walk

When we bought the house (Fall 2013) the previous owner had just thrown down some pea gravel before listing the house and called it a front walkway. The walkway lead us from the driveway to the front door so we used it daily. They had added a couple pieces of slate to make walking on it a bit easier ...

using old shutters in the garden, gardening, landscape, repurposing upcycling, Originally the shutters were joined together to create a privacy screen

Using Old Shutters in the Garden

We had three pairs of old shutters and didn't know what to do with them. So we created a privacy screen a couple years ago and this year took it apart and hung the pairs on a long fenceline to create some interest.

stamped and beaded garden markers, crafts, gardening, outdoor living

Stamped and Beaded Garden Markers

Do you have a vegetable garden or know someone who does? It's on my very long list of things to do/try, but my sister has a beautiful garden and she loved these garden markers I made for her.

how to make a ladder planter, container gardening, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

Ladder Planter --The TUTORIAL

It all began on a sunny day while chatting with my neighbor. We were in her garage and I said to her ” why do you still have that old wooden ladder? It looks dangerous.” She replied, “I don’t know. It works.” I say to her why don’t you let me make an herb garden out of that old ladder so we can really get some use out of it, ie. grow mint for Mojitos and basil for pizza. She then looks at the ladder then turns to me and nods in agreement. “OK, you can take the ladder,” she says. And thus began the final Cent-sational Salvage Challenge of the summer. I set forth to make the most awesome of awesomest (did you know that
And thus began the final Cent-sational Salvage Challenge of the summer. I set forth to make the most awesome of awesomest (did you know that was a word?) of herb ladder gardens.

setting the garden with flower plates, crafts, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Setting the Garden With Plate Flowers

When coming home from my day job I pass a house that has all kinds of metal garden decor for sale on the front lawn. There are metal birds, trees, obelisks, and beautiful large metal flowers. I've also seen this metal garden art at craft shows, and it can be quite expensive.
I thought that I could make my own scaled down (and inexpensive) versions of the flowers by collecting some thrifted items and putting them together. I love that every flower will be one of a kind, and the possibilities are really endless.

teeny tiny fairy wind chimes, crafts, gardening, how to

Teeny Tiny Fairy Wind Chimes

Add a little whimsy to your fairy garden with these tiny working wind chimes - a gentle touch is all that's needed bring forth their delicate sound.

diy etched mini vases

DIY Etched Mini Vases

I got some fun etching creme from Etchall to play with and I thought how about some fun mini vases with cool geometric patterns on them, that would be fun! So I had these old glass mini bottles, remind me of little milk jugs, and I thought they could would be perfect fit for this project.

attract butterflies by making a diy feeder in 6 simple steps, crafts, gardening, how to, mason jars, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

Attract Butterflies By Making A DIY Feeder in 6 Simple Steps

Don’t underestimate the butterfly – it’s more than just a pretty garden addition! There are 561 known butterfly species in the United States and Canada, all of which pollinate your flowers. Encourage butterflies to visit your yard and pollinate your plants by making a butterfly feeder. It’s easy!

art rockin the garden

ART-Rockin the Garden!

My hubby Rich has been stuffing rocks in his pockets since he was a kid, creating a constant stony challenge first to his mother -- now me. As he has grown, so have the size of this rocks. Leaving me with pretty piles indoors and out, literally tons to work with, considering his 60+ years of collecting. Now he's got me wheeling a barrow with him or carting more specimens in a backpack from all over the 4-Corners: CO, AZ, NM, UT. I tend to be a constant-upcycling, nurturing, artist ... who loves naturalistic landscaping & gardening. Living in the aptly-named Rocky Mountains.Our property is vast, the work has been long, extending over 15 years, each year adding more & more rocky details to the vista. So editing these photos is tough!This segment, I'll just focus on how I've used some of the rocks, sticks & stones to make artistic statements around the property.

5 diy concrete plant stand, concrete masonry, container gardening, diy, gardening, how to

$5 DIY Concrete Plant Stand

After browsing Pinterest for awhile one day, I came across this video on how to make a concrete stool for only $5. Say what?! So, I attempted it myself. We didn't need a stool, but we needed a cute plant stand on our porch. I was skeptical of how well it would actually work, but I was incredibly thrilled with how it came out!!

sail to get your mail

Sail To Get Your Mail?!

Here in Florida, it's not uncommon to see fun and whimsical mailboxes. I just finished this custom Pirate Ship Mailbox and it's sailing all the way to Homestead, Fl. !!

how to stencil cinder block planters


Hey there, ! With sophisticated colors, we transformed $2 cinder blocks into the newest gardening craze. Now these trendy stenciled planters will be the topic of conversation at your next BBQ! We love how easy these DIY stenciled cinder block planters can be. Try it out!

hang a collection of watering cans to decorate a garden shed

Hang a Collection of Watering Cans to Decorate a Garden Shed

My galvanized watering cans were collected over the years from flea markets and antique malls, some European, but most made in USA. They’re a rag-tag bunch, complete with dents and missing roses. While I love to find them in mint condition with their roses intact, I’m fond of those that were well used, imagining all the flowers and gardens they watered. I hung part of my collection on the corner of my Potting Shed a couple of years ago, where a rain chain would hang, but to be decorative rather than functional.