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Spray-Painted Pumpkins

This year, I wanted to decorate for Fall completely differently. I was just ready for a change! Have you ever been there? I decided that I wanted my accessories neutral — a mix of whites, off-whites, ivory, and natural colors. But, I didn’t have ANY neutral pumpkins. They were all various shades of ORANGE. So, that meant one thing — I had to go shopping for some neutral pumpkins. But after scouring my favorite stores for Fall decor, I found that not only were most mini pumpkins $1-$3/each, most of them weren’t even a neutral color! I was NOT going to pay an arm and leg for Fall accessories! That meant I had to get creative. So, I chose to spray-paint all of my pumpkins…all of the ones I already had and then search all my local thrift stores for more!

diy frosted pumpkin vase, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Fall Decor: DIY Frosted Pumpkin Vase

How to transform trash into fall treasure in just a few simple steps. ating

diy candle wraps

DIY Candle Wraps

I found an inexpensive way to switch out decor for the holidays, DIY candle wraps! I needed fall decor to put on mantel this year, I had three plain candles already up there so I decided why not embellish them rather than buy something new?

how to make a pumpkin vase, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

How to Make a Pumpkin Vase

See how you can easily turn an artificial pumpkin into a beautiful fall vase with these simple steps.

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Project Guide: Decorating With Fake Pumpkins

While freshly carved pumpkins will always be a traditional Halloween decoration, more and more people are choosing to skip the muss and fuss of real pumpkins and are instead choosing fake pumpkins for their porches and homes. Some fake pumpkins look just like the real thing, but they're easier to work with and they can last from year to year. There are different types of fake pumpkins and tons of ways to decorate them, so before you get started, take a look at these important tips.

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Fall Mantel Decor Using Vintage and Found Items

(This is a summary only. Visit my blog for the complete tutorial for this plus so many more home related tips and ideas. Click the link at the bottom of the post.)
Our family room mantel is my favorite one in the house. We spend a lot of time in here and I didn't want anything formal or stuffy on the mantel. So there's nothing fancy here. Just some thrift store finds and found items along with a couple of small new things.

dollar tree fabric pumpkins

Dollar Tree Fabric Pumpkins

Every year, the Dollar Tree has styrofoam orange and green pumpkins for sale around this time of year. Last year, I purchased a few and spray painted them navy. This year, I wanted to re-use them but give them a fresh look with scrap fabric.

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Making Mason Jar Ring Painted Pumpkins

Little pumpkins are the perfect Fall decor to tuck into your home to bring that cheery feeling of Fall indoors. These Mason Jar Ring pumpkins couldn't be quicker or easier and add the perfect touch of Fall.

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Pumpkin Garland Made With Air-Dry Clay

Pumpkins make such cute fall decor, don't they? Especially these itty bitty little ones! This pumpkin garland has the cutest tiny pumpkins strung along it. And you can paint them to match whatever fall decor you like to use. All my stuff is the typical autumn color pallet. But I think these would be adorable painted white with a gold stem! Swoon... I might have to make another garland like that. Read on to see how I made mine!

outside fall decor

Outside Fall Decor

I'm late for me on getting my outside fall décor done, but I finally did, so thought I would share. I listed this as costing $25, but it would be more if I had to buy the hay, and if I didn't know the guy we bought the pumpkins and squash from, who gave us a good deal of them.

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Scrap Wood Pumpkin & Fall Quote Decor Blocks

This is the perfect fall craft for a girls night, or even just to do by yourself! It was quick and easy to put together and looks so adorable displayed with the rest of the fall decor. And you might even have all the materials you need for this project on hand! Check out this tutorial to make a set for yourself.

diy fall pillows with my way applique, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, reupholster

DIY Fall Pillows With My Way Applique

Check out my easy way to applique a pillow! I am calling it Applique My Way, and I am creating some fun fall pillows with it!

easy no sew bandana pumpkin decoration, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Easy No-Sew Bandana Pumpkin Craft

No sewing required for this pumpkin with country charm! Grab some bandanas, twine, bean bag fill and a couple of rubber bands, and you can make a whole patch in under an hour.

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Gold Leaf & Glitter Pumpkins

A few blogging friends and I participate in a monthly DIY challenge where we purchase the same item and then each decorate it with our own unique spin. This month our item was faux craft pumpkins from Michael's. I decided to do a gold and white glittering ombre effect on mine.

easy no sew shirt pumpkins, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, Super easy fun and inexpensive pumpkins made from shirts and they are no sew

Easy, Fun and Inexpensive No-Sew Shirt Pumpkins

Got an old shirt and some twine? Then you've got almost everything you need to make these pumpkins...and you don't have to be able to sew! They are a fun little addition to your fall decor!

diy fall votive with cornhusks and feathers, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Fall Votive With Cornhusks and Feathers

Hey y'all...I'm so excited about today's project! This is another project that I created in less than 5 minutes! If you have been following us for awhile, it is no secret that I love feathers. I started collecting them as a little girl. Each one is different and unique and has special meaning to me. I subtly incorporate them throughout my home decor - in an antique inkwell, on top of a book or in a seasonal display like my Fall Coffee Table.

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My Whitewashed Brick Mantel for Fall

I whitewashed my brick hearth and painted my mantel and paneling above in a creamy white. I'm still thrilled with the result! I just gave my family room a new look for fall and added a few thrift store finds.

autumn pumpkin trinket box from salad bowls, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Autumn Pumpkin Trinket Box...from Salad Bowls!

Two wooden salad bowls with a tiny hinge between them can be turned into a fun little trinket box, and in this case- one that looks like a pumpkin!.
Click HERE for the full step-by-step tutorial!

coffee filter fall wreath, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Add a Fall Pick and you re done This would make a great Girl s Craft Night Out project Just have everyone make the coffee filter flowers before and put the wreath together while you chat and nibble xo

Coffee Filter Fall Wreath!

This little fall wreath is made with simple elements that come together to make a beautiful addition to your autumn decor.

fall sign combined with nature

Fall Sign Combined With Nature

This easy to make sign came together using chalk paint and a little bit of nature.

turn your dried out pine cones into a beautiful flower wreath

Turn Your Dried Out Pine Cones Into a Beautiful Flower Wreath

My parents live in a very wooded area with an abundance of pine cones and every year my dad likes to collect the nice looking ones and give them to neighbors and friends to craft with. This year I asked for all of the leftovers to make a beautiful fall wreath with.You can get this project along with 100+ other DIY's over here!

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Fall Home Tour

I can't believe it's almost Fall! I hate to see the warmer weather leave us, but I do love bringing in all the warmth and textures for the cooler months. Since it's still 90 degrees outside and not quite Fall, here's a little pre-Fall home tour.

early fall home tour life love larson, home decor

Early Fall Home Tour: Life Love Larson

I was happy to be a part of a fall home tour this year. I'm not traditionally drawn to fall colors, so I decorate with what I like and add layers, texture, warmth, and lots and lots of greenery! Happy fall!

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Easy Canning Jar Lid Pumpkin

I was recently searching Pinterest for another fall DIY project. It had to be quick, easy and cheap. And that’s when I happened upon a gazillion pins for canning jar band/rings pumpkins. This easy DIY pumpkin is super cute and really simple. I didn’t have to look at a tutorial at all. I like simple.

wedding decor on a dime er dollar tree that is see blog link, home decor, Tabletop decor

Wedding Decor on a Dime..er Dollar (Tree, That Is!) - See Blog Link

See my blog post for many of the thrifty ideas we'll be using for my daughter's casual Fall wedding decor at the end of the month. Blog link has website links and tutorials included!