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Chanuka Decor for $0

Last year I had an idea to create chains out chocolate coin wrappers (for those who dont know chocolate coins are everywhere for Hanukkah!) Unfortunately, despite the fact that I had everyone I know saving them for me, it took practically all of Hanukkah to collect enough! So I packed them away in my crafts box and saved them for this year!

beer bottle menorah

Beer Bottle Menorah

I had way too many beer bottles waiting around to be re-purposed, so when December rolled around I knew what I'd use some for! Here's how in two steps I made a DIY Menorah for Hanuka.

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Hanukkah Wreath In Progress

Trying my hand at a wreath for Hanukkah. Thought about draping garlands, but not happy with results. Decided on smaller balls on the bottom, and will add snow to it, and call it good! (Keep in mind, I AM NOT crafty AT ALL!)

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Chanukah Home Tour

Chanukah is the Festival of Lights! Decorating with silver, white and blue home decor is festive and bright.

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French Country Chanukah Tea

Do you have a design style that defines you? While I am influenced by many styles, the one that most resonates with me is French Country, so for pretty much every holiday on the calendar, you will see my French influenced version of it. Thus, today I’ve set a Country French Chanukah tea.

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A Tiffany Blue Hannukah

For years I’ve enjoyed the ever-present glimmer that’s everywhere in December. Yet the one thing I always long for is tasteful inspiration to decorate for Hannukah.

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Pretty Little Hanukkah Hostess Gift

I just thought I'd come up with something a wee bit on this side of clever for giving flowers.

upcycled shot glasses for oil burning candles part 1

Shot Glass Oil Burning Candles - Part 1

Last year I made an oil burning Hanukkah menorah for the holidays but none of you saw it because I was so busy innovating a reusable wick for the project that I was too late with my post! I can't wait to show you how easy - and sustainable - the wicks are in my next post!With Hanukkah exactly one month away there should be more than enough time to make these for this year - whether they're for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years or even Valentines day!After my husband found an entire box of shot glasses in the garbage, he was going to donate it to our local thrift store, but kept forgetting to drop them off. Luckily I caught him before he did because the shot glasses are perfect for this project. Although they had advertising on them, I found a beautiful way to cover that up and make them look festive for the season!UPDATE: An astute reader asked me how you know the glass is heat safe. Please read my answer under the question category where I also provide a list of safety precautions you must take when using these to burn as an oil burning candle. I'll also provide the safety precautions in Part 2 which I'll be posting tomorrow!

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Hanukkah Menorah: Innovative Wicks for Oil Burning Candles (Part 2)!

My family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas. In this post, I'm showing you how to make my newest and most innovative creation to date! I'm making wicks for oil burning candles that are re-usable, cheap, readily available and burn safely. While I used my wicks to create a display for Hanukkah (otherwise known as the Festival of Lights), these will also work to create oil candles any time of year and for any occasion. Try it out for Christmas, New years or even Valentines Day (there's nothing more romantic than the glow of candle light)!If you saw my previous post, you'll know that I made oil burning candles out of this box of shot glasses my husband found in the garbage which I used to create a Hanukkah menorah. At the end of the post you'll see how pretty they turned out in the final display (you'll find a link on how to decorate them too).

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Chanukah "Shalom" Wreath

Shalom means Hello, Goodbye, Peace & more. This is the perfect saying to welcome your guests to your home for the holidays & all winter long.

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Office Chanukah Decorations

My coworkers and I stayed after work yesterday to decorate our office in the holiday spirit. We're located in Israel and it's a primarily Jewish office, so our decorations were Chanukah themed for the most part.