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Transom Window Mirror Trick

Need a quick and easy solution for windows that look too small? I love lots of light and big windows but they are hard to fit into most basements, which was where my new craft room was being built. I researched the topic and saw transom windows which are designed to let more light in above doorways, how could I make that work in my room?

tin awning dressing up your inside window

TIN AWNING- Dressing up Your Inside Window

We were creating a laundry and dressing room combo out of a bedroom. We wanted something a little different and maybe even a bit fun in an industrial sort of way... This post focuses on the window portion of the laundry - dressing room makeover.

how to shiplap a bay window

How to Shiplap a Bay Window

The shiplap look is all the craze these days and I admit I just can't get enough of it. I have to hold myself back from wanting to shiplap every wall in my house in some way or another.If you want to add some character to your space shiplap is an easy, cheap and fabulous way to do this.Before you get started with any project make sure you have the proper Safety Gear. Here is how the space looked before.

diy craftsman window trim

DIY Craftsman Window Trim

There's something about a chunky craftsman window/door trim that makes my heart melt. I think it's the perfect way to add character to any space, but especially those faux farmhouse spaces like our builder grade ranch. The builder left us with a less than desirable trim, so updating the windows with a chunkier trim really gave this area some va-va-voom! This tutorial is fairly simple and only requires the most basic of tools. Check out the tutorial below and visit my post for the full step-by-step

faux window

A Faux Window Hides the Real Window

We bought a house that has an alcove room that we call the Hobbit room because it's such a small quirky space. Our granddaughter has claimed the room but we're still deciding what we want to do here.

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Easily Paint Your Shutters

The fabulous Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky was our guest blogger on and she told us a little more about her front door transformation which included transforming her shutters, too - both with our non-fade Front Door Paint line!

farmhouse windows

Farmhouse Windows

Do you have skinny window casings on your windows? Do you lack a window sill? Do you dream of those farmhouse window casings that you see in magazines? Your dream is about to come true.

front door coppertop cedar awning

Front Door Coppertop Cedar Awning

The rain would always drip inside my storm door and create condensation. I tried a drip edge but that didn't solve the problem. So I decided to make an 18 inch overhang .

how to paint window sills and trims

How to Paint Window Sills and Trims

I'm in the middle of doing a room reset, changing up our formal lounge room. Our house is about 20+ years old and has wood trims throughout. Some of them looking a little weathered, especially on the window sills. So I decided to start with this room, painting the trimmings white.

windowsill decor

Windowsill Decor

I decided it was time to fill the giant ugly windowsill in my bedroom. I want to keep things simple until I move into a more permanent home. I looked on Pinterest and Hometalk for some inspiration and this is what I came up with!

farmhouse kitchen awning

Farmhouse Kitchen Awning

I made these farmhouse style awnings for my kitchen windows, but really they would be great anywhere - playroom, bedroom, etc.

how to paint old shutters and use for decor, home decor, painting, repurposing upcycling, Estate Sale treasures I found several sets of plain wood shutters Gave them a new look with a blend of CeCe Caldwells Nantucket Spray and Vintage White

How to Paint Old Shutters and Use for Decor

Old wood shutters get a brand new look with CeCe Caldwells Nantucket Spray, and secret no mess distressing tip!

diy custom sidelights using frosted vinyl, curb appeal, windows, When all the water seems to be removed let sit overnight to fully dry and adhere vinyl

DIY Custom Sidelights Using Frosted Vinyl

I've been debating what to do with my sidelights since I moved into our house. Wanting to keep some degree of privacy while letting in light was my goal. Here's what I came up with using frosted vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine.

antique wood and iron shutters, windows

Antique Wood and Iron Shutters

When visiting a new furniture/accessory/antique store in town, we came across these magnificent antique wood and iron shutters. The design consultant said that they came from Italy...I could just imagine those amazing shutters flanking a window of a beautiful Italian villa...We did not purchase these shutters on our initial visit...but on the can read about this story here:

make your own vintage crackled shutters

Make Your Own Vintage 'Crackled' Shutters

This project was fun to see come alive in a few simple steps.I've had these shutters for about six months now or more and hadn't gotten around to working on them, but I knew I wanted to give them a creative look at some point.

chevron picket fence art, home decor, See my link for more details about this project

Chevron Picket Fence Art

This simple picket fence screen was updated with a chevron stripe to create a statement in my kitchen.

give your windowsill a reclaimed wood finish , The completed reclaimed wood windowsill

Give Your Windowsill a Reclaimed Wood Finish!

If you love the look of reclaimed wood the way I do, this DIY windowsill project is for you! It is a stunning way to update a tired, outdated kitchen!

wooden shutter wall display, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

Wooden Shutter Wall Display

I found these shutters at a yard sale and paid $10.00 for both of them. Wait till you see what I did with them once I got them home.

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DIY Marble Window Shelf

I LOVE marble - when we renovated our kitchen the original plan was to have a marble slab counter top.
Renovations ( as always ) took a turn for the worse - with expenses doubling in a very short time.
I had to switch plans and create a marble counter top from 12 x 12 inch tiles - to create a backsplash I purchased marble " thresholds " ( for where the bathroom floor meets a regular floor )

kitchen window replacement

Kitchen Window Replacement

I hated our old kitchen window and it was far from energy efficient as well...we nearly doubled the window size with the new energy efficient window...

upgrading windows with casing, diy, window treatments, windows

Upgrading Windows With Casing

During our home office renovation, we took on a simple project (relative to the other office projects that is!) that made a huge difference. We framed the windows, which was a cheap and didn't take a ton of time.

farmhouse window frame, rustic furniture, window treatments

Farmhouse Window Frame

Learn how you can add farmhouse charm to your home with this one quick project! Cait from Little City Farmhouse used Vanilla Frosting All-in-One Decor Paint to freshen up this old window frame.

diy window treatment in an hour, how to, window treatments, windows

DIY Window Treatment in an Hour

Hi guys~ This is one of my favorite projects and it was so much easier than I ever expected. I am in love with the chunky window casings or window trim that is all craze! Window trim instantly make windows bulk up and stand out as the main attraction on a wall or in a room! I started with the smallest window in our house. It's in our bathroom above the "appliance." This way if I screwed it up I didn't waste as much trim as if I had gone with a double wide window!

living room gets new windows

Living Room Gets New Windows

When we got this house it had 3 huge old single pane and broken windows,during the winter the sofa blanket would actually freeze to the inside of the window....they had to go.... and thanks to a friend, 4 large and 1 extra large atrium argon filled windows were free.....

updating some window trim

Updating Some Window Trim

A view of my partially completed window project for how-to purposes. I wanted a wider trim for an updated look, and a place to add more color.Note that the costs reflect a whole can of spray primer, a whole gallon of drywall material etc, not just the partial amounts this project took.