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DIY Potted Topiary Skinny Christmas Trees in Urns

I decided (in July oddly enough) that I was going to try something new with our living room Christmas tree. This year I put an upcycled media cabinet on one side of the fireplace, and a new (but also upcycled) matching cabinet on the other side (I have these cabinet posts up here on hometalk). This left me with no room to put our extremely wide Christmas tree in the corner.

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Make a Faux Gumball Machine Terrarium

I believe I have found my new favorite plant: the succulent. It's so simple and there's just something so elegant about it to me. What's even better is that it seems to be extremely LOW MAINTENANCE which is my kind of plant! I've seen these gumball machine planters in the past, and I've never been much for them but I'm totally digging the twist with using a different color (i.e. not red) and using small, simple plants like the succulent. This super easy project fits nicely on the shelves in my kitchen and brings a little life as well.

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Flowerpot Repurposed as a Side Table

I have had this flower pot for years and it has undergone a few transformations. It did not do well over the winter and I was finally going to throw it out. Shocking, I know, I am usually taking things out of the trash. I decided to give it one more chance and repurpose it as a side table to put on our deck. I am so glad that I did because I love how it turned out!

new year s eve ball 2 options

New Year's Eve Ball - 2 Options

I will show you how to make your own New Year's Eve ball and I have 2 options for you. You can make these to lower down or just hang as a decoration. The great thing is you can use them for more than just New Year's if you like. You can see more of my crazy creations here

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Kitchen Caddy

We needed a place to keep all of our kitchen sink stuff organized. Before everything was scattered around the counter near the sink or stuffed in the cabinet under the sink. The scrub brushes weren't always clean (kid doing dishes chores) when tossed behind the faucet which always left such a mess. So when we were upgrading our kitchen I knew we needed a place for everything but it had to look good in our "new" kitchen.

faux patchwork pot

Faux Patchwork Terra Cotta Pot

I needed something to hold my Keurig cups and I found the perfect solution. This project is versatile in that this cute little pot can be used for an array of things--plus, you can really add your personality to it by what scarf/fabric you choose.

turn a planter into a plug in pendant light

Turn A Planter Into A Plug-In Pendant Light

This particular plug-in pendant light came about when we were visiting my parents. My mom had this planter from the yard in her back porch. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it, but I immediately saw it as a plug-in pendant light.

5 projects with terra cotta pots saucers, pallet

5 Projects With Terra Cotta Pots & Saucers

Terra cotta pots are one of my favorite products to create indoor and outdoor projects! I have 5 creative ways to use these inexpensive gems!

mini fire pit

Mini Fire Pit

I always loved the look of a fire pit, the idea of sitting outside relaxing under the stars whilst watching the flames just appealed, but I only had a small terrace. So i put my creative head on and with a few euros and some basic garden and craft supplies my lovely fire pit was built.

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DIY Jewelry Stand

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome the dollar store is! If you know your way around the dollar store then you can create pretty much anything! You can take something so cheap looking and turn it into an amazing piece for your home. Take this jewelry stand for instance. I made this jewelry stand yesterday on beautiful, sunny afternoon. It was so nice out that I just had to be out in the sun, so I thought I would bring my project outside. This is a super easy DIY, and it cost me under $10 to make, so you can’t beat that!! Let’s dig right in and get started!

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DIY Sparking Garden Orb - Use What You Have!

Do you love sparkling lights in the winter garden? I do!
I recently saw this fabulous giant lighted garden orb selling for $195, which is about all the incentive I need to try making my own low-cost version.
I've seen them made from grapevines, chicken wire, and metal wire, with the outdoor lights wrapped around—and these all look fabulous—so I decided to "shop" in my garden shed to see what I could use from there without spending a dime.

after garden deck patio decor, container gardening, crafts, decks, gardening, outdoor living, patio, repurposing upcycling

After - Garden/Deck/Patio Decor

In my previous post I showed an array of items that were repurposed or utilized in our outdoor decor. Following are the "After" pictures. Enjoy!

terracotta space heater, hvac

Terra Cotta Space Heater

Ok, I have to admit, this is pretty thrifty. This space heater is a clean and cheap energy alternative and also a pretty fun looking little piece. If you live in a place where one room tends to get colder than others, or you want to save a little cash money, or are like me and live in a space where you can't control your heat, this is great! This space heater is made from some simple terra cotta pots and hardware and can really heat up a space on the cheap.
We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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Repurposed Outdoor Lantern

This outdoor lantern was made using a few pieces I had on hand: an urn from an old Christmas tree, an orb from a bird feeder and a solar powered globe light. I liked the shape of each piece, and wanted to re-purpose them in some way to make something functional. (Note: If you do not have an urn, you may use another planter you have on hand, or purchase an inexpensive one to use, instead)

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Inside a Hometalker's Crazy Cool Brooklyn Apartment

Have you ever wished you could peek inside the homes of your amazing fellow Hometalkers to get a closer look at their brilliant projects and get new ideas? Well, now you can! Introducing Hometalk LIVE, where we pop in to visit the homes of famous Hometalkers and broadcast on Facebook LIVE where you can watch and join the fun.
Here’s a recap of our visit in case you missed it. Don't want to miss the next time we go live? Like Hometalk on Facebook and stay tuned for the next LIVE segment!

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Beachy Border

One of my first things I made sure to get done when I moved in was into was get the front entry cleaned up and happy again. The toughest part was to do this on as little budget as possible! I've been 'upcycling', re-using, re-vamping and just using what was on hand for ever. The only cost that went into this was the bags of stone and a few plants! Here's how it all happened:
I cleaned out all of the old asparagus ferns that had completely obscured the front window, had grown up and under the indoor/outdoor carpeting, and made me promise to myself to never, EVER, plant those wicked things in any yard…EVER! Weeds, lizards, a glass snake and many other little critters were soon to be displaced so we could actually see out our front window again. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that far back, but imagine a house that has a nice walk to nowhere except a brown door and yep, that was it!

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Summer "wreaths"!!

I love creating wreaths for my double front doors but sometimes they give me fits!! I wanted something different but finding two vessels that are the same and then coming up with an idea for both can be difficult.

terracotta coaster

Terracotta Coaster

I have a love hate relationship with coasters! They are necessary to preserve the beauty of our furniture, but *sigh* why are they so lacking in design and proper functionality? I decided it was time for me to figure out a better coaster design for my house. I thought about all the issues of coasters I have previously used...cardboard and cork seems to just get soppy wet (and let's face it, leave an even bigger ring), flat tile ones (so pretty, but the condensation just puddles and runs off)...what to do what to do?! Hmmm...a saucer?! Terracotta flower pots have those nice saucers....not very pretty though. Wait! I can fix that.

flower pot to star lamp

Flower Pot to Star Lamp

It's back to school time! Change a flower pot into a star lamp - it's easy and inexpensive. Great for dorm room, kid's bedroom, & hang out space. Make it for your backyard for ambiance. Easy to personalize and the possibilities are endless. Great project for adults and teens. You can see more of my crazy creations here

make a clay pot garden buddy, crafts, flowers, gardening

Make a Clay Pot Garden Buddy

Gardeners have a wide variety of "tastes" when it comes to landscape decorations. If you are looking for directions to make a garden buddy out of flower pots, here's a good link:

terra cotta thanksgiving hats, thanksgiving decorations

Terra Cotta Thanksgiving Place Card Hats

I’m a huge Thanksgiving fan. There's just something about having all my family get together while the Turkey is cooking in the oven, the Macy's Day Parade is on in the background, and we're all setting the table together. This year I thought I'd bring something new to the table (decor wise, not cooking wise). I found out how to make these adorable pilgrim hat place cards, and I think I'm going to use them again and again every year. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

an easy craft to create a christmas tree from a clay pot

An Easy Craft To Create A Christmas Tree From A Clay Pot

One of my favorite things to use for crafting is clay pots. And many, many years ago I started making Christmas ornaments from small clay pots. Since it is the start of the Christmas season I thought I would share an easy craft to create a Christmas Tree from a clay pot.

terra cotta pot easter bunny

Terra Cotta Pot Easter Bunny

After seeing all the cool easter projects posted on Hometalk, Hannah and I decided to raid our craft cabinet and found a bunch of random stuff! And... we turned it into a bunny!

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Desktop Organizer

These are antique zinc bulb starter pots. They’re mini, they’re cute, and they’re hard to find. So imagine my excitement when I found some these on our trip to Waco with the girlfriends! I was searching for a divided item to serve as my “writing implement” container. Why? Cause if you don’t know by now—I’m kind of a freak! Call me what you want, I like a neat desktop, an organized one, and one that is unique! AND–I l♥ve to re-purpose things!!!

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Make an Outdoor Drink Pedestal Table Your Guests Will Love

As I've mentioned so many times in previous posts, I love to entertain. My husband and I love to have a reason to hang out with our friends, whether it's a few couples or a party of 50+ people, we try to find reasons to have people over throughout the year. This project is perfect for a casual backyard gathering and it's great because it's so versatile for our needs--keeping drinks cool and providing shade during the day, or dressing it up with fabric and candles and using to hold hor d'oeuvres--the sky is the limit with this cute pedestal table!