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How can I make an electric pole “go away” in my landscaping?
Anne Zellner Pettijohn Anne Zellner Pettijohn Answered on Apr 26, 2024

We live in N. Texas, the “concrete capital of the world” And we are building our house on raw land. I’ve tackled all of the weeds, brought in topsoil and we are... See more

How do I make large concrete orbs/balls using balloons and Quikrete?
Dmholt4391 Dmholt4391 Answered on Apr 26, 2024

I've seen on here somewhere how to make these using balloons and 'quickrete'. If you can help I'll appreciate it very much.

How can I keep birds away from my carport and pooping on my cars
Joy7173825 Joy7173825 Answered on Apr 26, 2024

they fly under at night and mess on my car

How can I stop the grass and weeds from taking over my concrete patio?
Neecee Neecee Answered on Apr 26, 2024

My concrete patio in the backyard has grass and weeds growing through the gaps and holes and is spreading aggressively. Any suggestions on how to stop this? I have ... See more

How do I secure my 1st floor patio furniture from vandalism?
Barbara Reinhardt Barbara Reinhardt Answered on Apr 26, 2024

I live on the first floorof an apartment building. How can I secure my patio furniture without it being unsightly?

Marigolds growing! Should I pinch the buds?
Dianne King Dianne King Answered on Apr 26, 2024

My marigold plants are growing. I heard that pinching the buds until Autumn will allow them to grow without killing the plant. Is this true?

How to decorate a guest bedroom with PINK carpet
Rebecca Rebecca Answered on Apr 25, 2024

We just bought a house.. great bones.. awesome spaces.. but carpeting is not my taste.. We have a bedroom with pink ( almost a rose) color carpeting.. I would like th... See more

How do I paint a metal entry door to withstand extreme heat & sun?
Leslie D Leslie D Answered on Apr 25, 2024

I was so proud of myself. I stripped my front door of layers of bad and cracking paint from the previous owners (it was like stripping bubble gum), sanded, bought a h... See more

How do you keep cats off of the outdoor furniture?
Carol G Carol G Answered on Apr 25, 2024

Stray cats lay and spray my outdoor furniture how do i keep them off my patio and furniture?

How do I clean salt marks on my salt water pool?
Donna Donna Answered on Apr 24, 2024

My salt water pool leaves white marks all around the pool I have tried everything to remove them with no luck. Can someone please help me????

What can I do about wood smoke coming into my house?
Marty Grimson Marty Grimson Answered on Apr 24, 2024

I need help. My back door neighbor heats with a wood stove all winter. They are downhill from me. Almost all their smoke makes its way into my house, causing headache... See more

How do I fix a broken metal hanging rod in my closet
51123660 51123660 Answered on Apr 24, 2024

I have a broken shelf hanging rod in my closet I tried gluing And taping it and nothing worked I need help and also the shelf is slightly bent

Need help picking a paint color to match my tile
Donna Wise Donna Wise Answered on Apr 24, 2024

The tile is gray/white with a hint of beige and looks like wood.The kitchen counters are Baltic beige and cabinets are dark wood as well

How is it really spelled?
RC Leach RC Leach Answered on Apr 24, 2024

Hi, I may be way off base, and if so, I apologize in advance, but I have heard many references to "Fir", the type of wood, with regards to kitchen walls and soffits, ... See more

Why does my oven smell when turned on?
Emma Marks Emma Marks Answered on Apr 23, 2024

Hi all,Lately, my oven emits an unpleasant smell whenever I turn it on. The kitchen then smells and the foul odor lingers, it's very frustrating.I'm sure I'm not alon... See more

How can I lighten my dark stained deck, or even paint parts white?
Lydia Weikel Cox Lydia Weikel Cox Answered on Apr 23, 2024

The previous owners used an oil-based, semi-transparent, dark walnut brown stain on the deck they built. I want to lighten up the area, perhaps even paint the deck c... See more

What is the best way to paint high gloss white kitchen cabinets?
Bev McElravy Bev McElravy Answered on Apr 23, 2024

We are remodeling our kitchen and like the high gloss cabinets but don't know what is the best paint to get that effect. Our current cabinets are a regular semi-glos... See more

How to Update a Butler's Tray Table
Betty B Betty B Answered on Apr 23, 2024

My mother passed down to me a mahogany/cherry Butler's Tray Table. It look like the one in this picture except that there is no medallion in the center, just wood. I'... See more

What color would go well with maroon carpet in a small bedroom?
Debra Mccullough Debra Mccullough Answered on Apr 22, 2024

2 of the walls are slanted with chair rails...should I use 2 different colors or stay with one solid color?

Keeping the toilet plunger/toilet brush sanitized between uses.
169751 169751 Answered on Apr 22, 2024

I'm looking for a way to store my toilet plunger and toilet brush in a more sanitary manner. I was wondering if anyone has an idea or two for a liquid 'storage' solut... See more

How can I tell if my small mango tree is a male or female
Waterdancer Waterdancer Answered on Apr 22, 2024

I planted a mango tree over a year ago and I am not sure if it is a male or female, someone told me it rakes 5 years before it bears any fruit, I don't want it if it... See more

Blue toilet tablet stains in toilet bowl. How to get rid?
Michele Carlson Michele Carlson Answered on Apr 22, 2024

?I plopped a blue cleaning tablet in my guest bathroom thinking I was doing a good thing. Since the toilet isn't flushed often, the blue water has caused a blue ring... See more

Creative uses for empty cat litter buckets, anyone?
Sandi F.B. Sandi F.B. Answered on Apr 21, 2024

Does anyone have any ideas of things to do with empty cat litter plastic buckets? I did take a foam square and covered the bucket and foam with fabric to make a quick... See more

Help picking paint color to go with my drapes
Brennan Brennan Answered on Apr 20, 2024

We purchased this house with an amazing dining and living space. Tons of natural light. My problem is there are 16 panels of silk Dupioni drapes in the color wheat fr... See more

Can you write on washi tape?
Tikva Morrow Tikva Morrow Answered on Apr 19, 2024

I have some gorgeous translucent washi tape and I want to use it to label items. Has anybody written on washi tape before? If so, what type of pen/ink works best to s... See more

Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to keep squirrels out of my bird feeders?
Angela A Angela A Answered on Apr 19, 2024

I have tried the crushed red pepper in the bird seed, and have tried putting vaseline on the pole that holds the feeders....any other suggestions? I will at times hav... See more