a coastal farmhouse kitchen

A Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen!

The kitchen in our Victorian farmhouse style home was kind of bland and boring. A few fairly easy updates has bought us some time until we can do a more extensive remodel later. Check it out!

curate your own west elm inspired collection, Seriously

Curate Your Own West Elm Inspired Collection

Our challenge for this week was West Elm Knockoffs. Instead, I did a West Elm Collection Knockoff. It was practically free! And now I'll share with you how to make your own collection:

home office decor ideas transforming a study with feminine style

Home Office Decor Ideas: Transforming a Study With Feminine Style

Looking for office decor ideas with French Country style? Here’s how I unified the look of our home office with the addition of one new item.⇒

13 clever ways to fake high end looks in your home

13 Clever Ways to Fake High-end Looks in Your Home.

Does your home need an upgrade but you don't have the budget? Check out these 13 clever ways to fake high end looks without the cost!- Faux Marble Microwave With Contact Paper- DIY Target Built In Bookcase Hack | Farmhouse + Rustic Chic- Sliding Faux Barn Door- Make Your Garage Door Look Like It Costs Thousands— With Paint- A Festival of Lights- Closet Bifold Door Makeover- 8 Amazing Ways to Turn Pickle Jars Into Home Decor!- Banquet Table Makeover- Ten Important Tips for Framing Out Mirrors- Farmhouse Style Bathroom Tour- Faux Fur Foot Stool- Faux Stone Tub

my simple summer kitchen

My Simple Summer Kitchen

Summer is all about the simple things to me. While I love to decorate and keep a nice home, I don't want to be stuck in the house when the weather outside is beautiful. I keep my summer decor to a minimum. Simple and uncluttered is the goal.

rustic diy potting bench old table shoe rack

Rustic DIY Potting Bench (Old Table & Shoe Rack)

This Rustic DIY Potting Bench was created from an old farmhouse table and a shoe rack… Follow along as I share tips and tricks of how I did it, so you can devise your very own, for your home!

gallery wall how to

Gallery Wall How-To

If you have looked around Pinterest or any design/home magazines lately, you have probably noticed that gallery walls are a popular and fun way to decorate your space. But where do you start? How do you put it all together? Well today I'm going to share with you, how I created a gallery wall in my dining room.

how to add farmhouse charm to fall decor and build a chicken wire fram

How to Add Farmhouse Charm to Fall Decor & Build a Chicken Wire Frame

Farmhouse style is an incredibly hot trend and no wonder as it blends in with all kinds of other decors.Adding a few well-placed farmhouse style items in your home is all you need to bring the charm of farmhouse style to your living spaces.

simple cheap chic diy nightstand styling

Simple, Cheap, Chic DIY Nightstand Styling

Our fun, easy, affordable DIY answer to styling our nightstand: decorative stacks of color-coordinated antique/vintage books! I'd been dying to use these pretty whitewashed lamps somewhere in our home ever since I'd spotted them nearly a year ago, so when I was dreaming up our master bedroom makeover those were the first items I included in the plan, but the lamps are slightly small, which is great for the size our small master bedroom overall, but feels a little bit too tiny when placed alone on these oversized nightstands. The answer? Give 'em a little lift by placing them on top of a decorative stack of perfectly color-coordinated antique/vintage books! Using cheap antique or vintage books (or cheap color-coordinated contemporary books, for that matter) to style and add interest to a table is one of my go-to home decor tricks because not only is it so simple, chic and effortless, if you're shopping at a vintage/antique bookstore like we do, or just your average second hand store, it's uber affordable, too

a guest bedroom make over with boho accents

A Guest Bedroom Make Over With Boho Accents

So I've been busy giving our guest bedroom a Make-Over and getting it into tip top shape, because for the next 5 weeks we will have friends and family from Germany staying with us.

cheap easy outdoor backyard firepit makeover

Cheap, Easy Outdoor Backyard Firepit Makeover

The brick firepit itself was already here when we moved in, and is one of the many things we love so much about our backyard. But until now it was sort of bare and only outfitted with the basics - a few plastic Adirondack chairs from the hardware store. Hey, it worked! We've just had so many other spaces to tend to at our house, so sprucing up our beloved firepit took a backseat. Until now, that is! Sprucing up this space had to be done on a budget, it had to be relatively easy to tackle, and it had to be both fun, beautiful and functional! It needed to be perfect for cozying up with just the two of us and a couple of glasses of wine, and entertaining our friends and family. Is that so much to ask? Nah.

3 ways to style a bar cart with kyle schuneman

3 Ways To Style A Bar Cart With Kyle Schuneman

Watch Apt2B’s resident designer Kyle Schuneman illustrate three show-stopping ways to style your bar cart.

thrifted home decor

Thrifted Home Decor

I have always had a thrifted home. Rarely do I buy anything whole sale. There's just something about finding unique pieces at the thrift stores. I thought I would share my thrifted Living Room and Dining Room decor and a few DIY's that I have done.

using small pumpkins in your fall home decor


Small pumpkins decorating will spice up your fall decor. Read more for tips and tricks on how to use this inexpensive fresh fall fruit to decorate your home for the holiday's.

how to create a whole home color palette

How To Create A Whole Home Color Palette!

Do you struggle with getting your home to look cohesive? Have you decorated several rooms only to be left feeling like the spaces don’t “flow”?If so you are not alone, in fact, one of the things people struggle with the most when it comes to decorating is creating a whole home color palette. This is often how a home ends up feeling like the style is all over the place and you can quickly end up hating the direction you choose… I know I did!Color is hands down one of the most important factors when it comes to interior design, it can truly make or break a space. Adding color into your home is great but understanding the role it plays and sticking to a plan can help you save some major bucks down the road.

white bright kitchen makeover before after

White & Bright Kitchen Makeover - Before & After

The kitchen in my mom's new condo left much to be desired when she moved in. So we came up with a plan to give it a cosmetic upgrade without renovating the entire kitchen. Here's a picture of the space when she moved in...

tour an eclectic mid century home

Tour An Eclectic Mid-Century Home

Hi, I'm Jenn! I'm the voice behind the Bachelorette Pad Flip. I'm a single girl buy real estate, selling real estate, flipping houses, and hosting Airbnbs! One of my favorite recent projects is a mid-century home that I've worked to restore!

simple and natural modern home spring home tour 2018


This year, I’ve been so ready to mix things up with my spring home decor. I was over Christmas decor before it was even December, and since then we’ve just been in limbo. In true spring cleaning fashion, I’ve been so ready to just clear things out and start with a fresh, clean look. I finally got everything put together and am excited to show you my spring home tour for this year! I’m going with the theme of a simple and natural modern home.

master bathroom refresh bohemiam meets farmhouse

Master Bathroom Refresh – Bohemiam Meets Farmhouse

Master bathroom refresh for a newly single gal, how I’m making myself my own luxury retreat on the second floor of my home. If you’ve ever checked out any of my Inspiration Boards then you know I am in love with the natural look and textures of bohemian interior design. With both my master bedroom, and now my bathroom, my challenge was: how could I give myself the bohemian look while still staying true to my 100 year old farmhouse?

how to style one bookshelf five different ways

How to Style One Bookshelf Five Different Ways.

Styling a shelf can be a challenge!I recently added a small bookshelf at the end of my hallway as part of a makeover of the space that included new flooring, paint, and lighting. I really wanted a focal point at the end of the hallway and found a great bookshelf to fit the space. I tried five different styles so now the challenge is to pick a style I like the best.

14 clever ways to fake expensive farmhouse looks in your home

14 Clever Ways to Fake Expensive Farmhouse Looks in Your Home.

Who doesn't love farmhouse style? Check out these 14 ways to fake high end farmhouse looks in your home!

colorful bay window seat for summer

Decorating a Window Seat

Do you have a window seat that you don't know how to decorate? Window seats can sometimes be hard to decorate. For the longest time, I didn't know how to improve the look of the window seat in my home's living room. The space looked rather drab and sad for quite some time.

where to start when choosing a paint color

Where to Start When Choosing a Paint Color

Is choosing the right paint color keeping you from making any decision at all? Yes, choosing the right paint color can be stressful and paralyzing, but I'm here to help!In non-technical terms, using a project from my own home I'll guide you through simple strategies to make the process easier. CLICK HERE FOR MY WEBITE AND MORE HELPFUL INFORMATION!

front porch decorated boho style

Front Porch Decorated Boho-Style

Hello everyone, I am sharing my front porch with you today. If you follow my blog you know that I am totally in-luv with the "Boho" look and I have been accumulating a bunch of BOHO treasures over the last several month.

decorating with vintage handkerchiefs

Decorating With Vintage Handkerchiefs

You can find vintage handkerchiefs at just about any antique store. I found several and decided to show you how I use them with my farmhouse decor.