painted ceiling fan instant drama

Painted Ceiling Fan = Instant Drama!

I've had this idea to paint my ceiling fan for a while. My flooring is an oak looking pergo. Yuck! But I'm stuck it with it for the time being. The ceiling fan blades match the flooring and that I can do something about. So I had my hubby take it down and the project begins. See below for what I learned about painting ceiling fans and step by step instructions. BE SURE TO JOIN US LIVE ON HOMETALK ON 12/15/17 at 8pm to see us do this project live. On our live we'll actually be painting the entire ceiling fan, as well as a light fixture. Is there anything you can't update with a little paint? I haven't found anything yet. SPECIAL PROMO: 25% off all All In One Paint on Amazon and on No coupon required. Excludes all other categories. Free worldwide shipping $75. We also have 8 colors of All In One Paint + Chalk Brushes + Weathered Wood Antiquing Gel available on Amazon Prime with FREE 2 day shipping. There's still time to get those projects done before Christmas. Promo runs: 5pm PST on 12/15/17 thru 11:59pm PST on 12/17/17.

updating our kitchen

DIY Modern Minimalist Kitchen Remodel

When we first bought our house, the kitchen was... definitely not my style. It quite reeked of rat poo, missing drawers, and the drawers that was still intact was badly water stained and smelled terrible. So we decided to tear out the whole kitchen and get ourselves a new one!

dishwasher makeover

Dishwasher Makeover

Today I’m sharing the latest project in my mini kitchen renovation.I’m almost done transforming my bright lime green kitchen into a lighter, brighter farmhouse style kitchen.I only have a couple projects left before things are finally complete.I am hoping to replace my oven later this year with a stainless steel model but our white dishwasher is still in good condition. We replaced the motor in the dishwasher a couple of months ago so I’d like to wait as long as possible before we upgrade.In the meantime I used a vinyl decal that looks just like stainless steel to cover the existing dishwasher.

how to make a kitchen fan hood, how to, kitchen design

How To Make a Kitchen Fan Hood

About one month after we moved into our ten-year-old home, our stove fan went out. We looked at a new fancy one and didn't like the price one bit. We decided to buy a good but plain fan and then to cover it with a DIY hood. We love the final result, and it saved us about half the price of a fancy hood.

how to hide an ugly or used to be ugly fridge in plain site, appliances, how to

How to Hide an Ugly (or Used to Be Ugly) Fridge in Plain Sight.

I had a small fridge that had seen prettier days; it has paint and stain on it and the worst was hidden by fridge magnets. I wanted one in my café room - and was not buying a new one since I have this one in storage .. soo Time for a make-over for the fridge.I wanted it pretty and, I wanted to hide it at the same time?!?!?!?hmmmmmmmm.............

stainless steel, home decor, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design

Stainless Steel

Here is a quilted backsplash and range hood - in classic stainless steel...

i painted my appliances, appliances, painting

I Painted My Appliances!

The home we recently bought had an appliance problem. All of them worked, but none of them matched. The home came with a black fridge, a white dishwasher, a black and white oven, and a hole where the built-in microwave should be.

how i built a range hood cover

How I Built A Range Hood Cover

When we moved into our home the wall behind our stove was dominated by heavy, imposing cabinetry that made the ceiling feel low and the room feel cramped. I had in mind the look I was going for and I knew I could achieve the style I was going for on a budget.Here is the "before" photo....I was able to remove the cabinetry and tile the whole wall from counter to ceiling. I had found a vent/fan at Ikea in the AS IS for 50% off. It's designed to be an under cabinet mounted vent/fan and it vents to the outside of our house.

diy paint your refrigerator, appliances, how to, painting, repurposing upcycling

DIY: Paint Your Refrigerator

Is your refrigerator just ho-hum? Does it stick out like a sore thumb?
Is it bringing you down?
Well I have your solution!

1 contact paper refrigerator makeover, appliances, repurposing upcycling

$1 Contact Paper Refrigerator Makeover

I have to admit...This was the first time that I can say, I was so excited to clean out the refrigerator!

custom range hood for under 50, diy, kitchen design, woodworking projects, And just for comparison before and after

Custom Range Hood for Under $50

I love range hoods. I've wanted a custom one for a while but didn't want to spend the $700 or so. Last weekend I decided I would just make my own. After creating the master closet I had almost super human building power strength ( visualize Wonder Woman flexing her muscles). It was so much easier than expected and the results were amazing!

leopard kitchenaid mixer, appliances, crafts, kitchen design

Leopard Kitchenaid Mixer

I love my Kitchenaid mixer and it’s a staple in my kitchen. I use it for everything from making cookies to mixing up bread dough to shredding meat. There are so many things you can do with the Kitchenaid mixer in the kitchen and the only downside is they’re only available in boring, solid colors. Of course knowing me you know I had to give my Mixer a Makeup and turn it from Drab to Fab using some Vinyl Sheets and my Silhouette Cameo Machine. I turned this basic black mixer into an over the top Leopard dream and I’m so in love with it. This project is perfect for anyone and really can transform anything in your home. My Vinyl from this project was purchased from Expression Vinyl and is the best quality you’ll find.
Supplies Needed:
Silhouette Cameo Leopard Kitchenaid Mixer Makeover

refrigerator makeover using maison blanche chalk paint, appliances, painting

Refrigerator Makeover Using Maison Blanche Paint

I am a daring little girl!! Using Maison Blanche's La Craie Paint {chalk} I painted my refigerator. I went with Robin's Egg and did a light stencil wash with dark wax and a wipe on poly to seal it from the little hands that touch it everyday!! You can see why and more here..

diy built in range hood cover cover your existing hood for 20, diy, how to, kitchen design, repurposing upcycling

DIY Built-in Range Hood Cover. Cover Your Existing Hood for $20!!

While updating my kitchen on a shoestring budget- I did the entire thing for $800 - - I needed to cover my ugly almond range hood that never looked clean in my new white kitchen. I couldn't pay $500 or more for a custom range hood, so I figured out a solution that made it look like I could! For only $20!

don t replace your ceiling fan repainted it, diy, painting, wall decor

Don't Replace Your Ceiling Fan!! Repainted It!!

I had this ugly ceiling fan and didn't really want to spend money on a new one. Also knew I wasn't going to find the color scheme that I had going on in my kitchen. And so I tore it down and dismantled my fan

painted ceiling fan

Painted Ceiling Fan

After a small mishap with an overflowed toilet on the second floor I found myself replacing a ceiling fan in my living room. Then I saw the old white filthy fan in my kitchen and decided I hated it.

updating a ceiling fan with spray paint, lighting, painting

Updating a Ceiling Fan With Spray Paint

I know that ceiling fans are a no-no for decorators, but y'all know that in real life people use them.
Ceiling fans follow me everywhere. We have had them in each and every house that we have owned. Sadly, in each house they were either not our style, or they were the white bottom of the price range fan ( see below) and we have had to change them out for something a bit nicer. I have spent hundreds of dollars just updating ceiling fans.

diy bronze range hood, how to, kitchen design, painting

DIY Bronze Range Hood

I have always been in love with bronze hoods. What I haven't loved is the price. If you've looked you know they are between $2000 - $7000. Yikes! I decided to set out to see if I could a way to achieve a bronze look without the prize tag. Then I stumbled upon Modern Masters and wow...see what happened!

paint your ugly rv fridge with chalkboard paint, appliances, chalkboard paint, painting, Our fun new chalkboard fridge We are now Happy Campers

Paint Your Ugly RV Fridge With Chalkboard Paint

So recently we got a "new to us" camper and the door on the fridge was damaged and looked ugly! I fixed it though...with chalkboard paint! Visit our blog to see what steps I took to a non-ugly fridge door!

make your fridge into a wow

Make Your Fridge Into a WOW!

Does your slightly older white fridge have yellowed handles? Mine does and its killing me. Have you looked into the cost of replacing handles on any of your appliances? It's not pretty. You might as well buy a new fridge. So I am on a quest to give my fridge a makeover. We're going to use a gorgeous matte black called Iron Gate by Heritage Collection All In One Paint. You won't believe how easy this is going to be! And best of all you can watch me do it live on Hometalk on 9/19/17 at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there!

thrifty diy outdoor fan makeover, lighting, outdoor living, porches, repurposing upcycling

Thrifty, DIY Outdoor Fan Makeover

Our back porch outdoor fan/light fixture was badly in need of some TLC. So I took some paint and primer and updated it, making it look like new again. I encountered some pitfalls, though, which I explain how to avoid. Check out the post url for all the deets.

diy ceiling fan makeover farmhouse style

DIY Ceiling Fan Makeover Farmhouse Style

When my husband removed the ceiling fan to paint the family room, it was the perfect opportunity for me to give our dated ceiling fan a makeover. I knew using Chalk Paint® would be the perfect tool to allow me to transform this fan giving it a more like a farmhouse style. In the beginning, I was thinking to change the bowl for a cage (plant holder). I saw someone using something like this on Pinterest and it looked great however my fan was just slightly different so it wasn’t going to work as I needed it to; also, my husband told me that if I place a cage it might make it noisy. After weighing my options I decided to keep the original glass bowl, but I gave it an update too.

i painted my refrigerator with chalkboard paint, appliances, chalk paint, chalkboard paint, painting, This one is more of what the finish looks like after it s primed

I Painted My Refrigerator... With Chalkboard Paint.

This was actually a really, really easy project. I was anticipating it to be really time consuming, and also to be disappointed with the results. I have to say that it really only took half a day from start to finish and I'm totally in love with it. I think the finish looks great. My blog post covers all materials you'll need, how to get the surface ready, applying primer, painting the fridge, grille, and also the ice maker component.

rustic range hood, diy, kitchen design, wall decor

Easy DIY Rustic Range Hood

Once upon a time our microwave was the focal point for our entire open concept living was HUGE and demanded attention because of the placement! We finally got rid of it and added an EASY Rustic Range Hood that doubles as a shelf that we can decorate for every season!

polka dot washer dryer, appliances, crafts, laundry rooms, painting

Polka Dot Washer & Dryer

I have been slowly (very slowly!) working on a laundry room makeover over the last several months. Sometimes it takes awhile! ha! (Scroll down to see the before & after!) My most recent addition to this makeover are my adorable polka dot washer & dryer. So let's get started! :)