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Decorating One Hello Sign From Dollar Tree

Hi everyone! If you're new to my blog, I'd like to say welcome. I'm so happy to have you here. Today we are decorating one hello wooden sign from the Dollar Tree.

Hide Countertop Clutter

Today I am going to share a clever way to cover up the clutter on your kitchen counter.

Cheap Leaves Décor Hack

Realistic artificial Greenery can be so expensive. I want to show you how to make fake leaves that look high-end.

How to Make a Patriotic Wreath (using Nautical Rope)

In just a few simple steps, you can create a fun and festive heart-shaped patriotic wreath with nautical rope and denim ribbon. It’s a great wreath to display for Memoria…

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Ceiling fix?

We removed a wall and now need a temporary fix until the ceiling is repaired. This board needs to come down to access electric and make way for the ceiling repair however…

How do I update this vintage Burlington sewing box/bench????

The leather (maybe vinyl?) Is torn on top in a few places. All the rest is in tact. I need to fix one leg and def want to paint them, sticking with the blue/tan/orange co…

How can I cover this eyesore?

Hello! I live in a pier and beam older home and had to replace the hot water heater with a newer one. We were having major work done due to a massive hot water leak that…

Landscape area in front of low retaining wall ?

I would like to add some flowering shrubs in front of this low retaining wall ( on right side of picture) It is around 50 feet long. Was thinking of one variety in a row…

Help me with the name of this tree please?

While riding around I found this tree in a neighbor’s yard. We have been looking for a mid-size three to replace our dying eucalyptus. I will hate to see this beautiful c…

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Peppers Art For Kids

Cooking with bell peppers tonight? Hold onto your peppers' tops and turn them into this adorable peppers art project!

Boho Chic Lantern

Let's make this gorgeous lantern to brighten your home!

Faux Cowhide Rug

Today I want to show you how easy it is to make a high-end-looking DIY faux cowhide rug.

Simple Farmhouse Hanging Wall Décor

Hello everyone! I hope that this week is treating you well. Today we're working on a simple creation. We are going to create a farmhouse hanging wall decoration. This cra…

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DIY Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

Living Room Built Ins

Turn a plain vaulted ceiling into a cozy, functional wall full of storage! This DIY project uses wall cabinets, faux shiplap, and pine boards to create the full look. Thi…

How to Make Over a Bookshelf for a Tweenager’s Bedroom

Doing a makeover on a bookshelf for a tweenager’s bedroom? The skill is in designing it for a child while it lasts them for years to come.A tweenager is the years before…

Pottery Barn Coffee Table Copycat - 804 Sycamore

We haven’t had a coffee table for years! I love them, love styling them, love the function they add, but having one doesn’t always work out. Our daughters are eight and a…

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help! see all

How do i get paint to stick on this chair??

Sanded down, used rustoleum paint and it Still peels.

How do I clean blinds?

How can I clean this blinds? Thank you 😊

How do I de-fog a window?

This is my front room window. There seems to be some condensation between the panes of glass. I'm searching for a way to remove the condensation myself as I cannot affo…

How do I make a hydrangea wreath using this wicker tray?

I received a gift in this tray and want to make use of it as a door wreath or something!

How can I redo this drawer stand removing the wicker and drawers?

I just want to use the frame and put new drawers in and new top, any ideas? The top is real warn out and so are the drawers. This picture is from the internet but its exa…

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Butterfly Painting With Chalk Paint!

You may have noticed stunning acrylic pour painting on Pinterest! I’ve always wanted to try it so today I have an acrylic pour for beginner project that’s so easy and bea…

Kid's Artwork Dishtowel

I love to keep my kid's artwork, and I have come up with different ways to preserve it and enjoy it without just laying around. You can see more of my crazy creations h…

DIY Mini Picket Fence Hanging Decoration

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing a simple craft that anyone can do. This craft is simple, and it doesn't take many materials. I'd love if you joined me in creating thi…

Ruffled Mini Flower Doily