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DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Learn how to make this easy DIY magnolia leaf wreath with orange slices for just a few dollars! Let’s get started! As an Amazon Affiliate (and other companies inclu…

Toy Truck Crochet Storage Basket With Tshirt Yarn


The favorite space in my home now has the best entrance table ideas using a dough bowl! I have owned the original table for over two decades. The table has moved around t…

Reusable Gift Bags

We all love the denim special look – such as washed hems and double seams. Those recycled jeans gift bags keep the unique character, they are very stylish and (also very…

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I mistakenly started to refinish my Lane table, how do I correct it?

I bought a table at a flea market for 25 bucks I thought it was nice so I bought it so that I could refinish it. After some research and decoding the serial numbers on th…


Any idea how to remove these?

Living room arrangement? Focal points?

so from where the photo is taken is the entrance. I’m getting a couch and my issue is With focal point. There’s so many in one area. Initially I thought to put the tv ove…

Easy Rust removal?

Tool box of metal edges and material of inside, looks to be very thin layers of "some" type of material. Want to make it functional. Thank you in advance for your time!!

How do I clean a large water stain from a leather headboard?

I received a leather headboard with a large water stain (unsure how old it is, but it’s definitely been there a while). It is noticeably a darker color and feels almost l…

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DIY Rope Basket Container - Recycling

Thanks for checking out my post today!This project will show you an easy way to recycle old containers and/or packaging.Not only that, this project is very useful for peo…

How to Reupholster a Dining Chair

There’s tons of money to be saved when you reupholster your own dining chairs! Anyone can tackle a dining chair with success; it’s as simple as stapling fabric around a p…

Chair Makeover: Garbage to Gorgeous®

It makes me crazy when I see perfectly good stuff in the trash! This time, I picked up a chair that had been tossed to the curb.It was spring clean-up in my sister’s neig…

Journal Decoration Ideas for You Planner

If you are looking for an easy way to add a journal decoration to your planner, I’ve got an easy project for you! A stenciled journal cover! Let’s get started…

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Easy Twig Napkin Rings DIY

Twig Craft ProjectI love a free twig craft and decided to create this unique Napkin Rings DIY project to add to my Cozy Winter Tablescape. Here is the tutorial to make yo…


Today I am going to share with you all how I made this Stunning Farmhouse Decor that is not only perfect for Valentine's Day Decor but it could also be year round Decor a…

The Best Upcycling Project for Beginners – the 8 Rules

The best upcycling project for beginners may come in different forms but there are eight rules to follow which will lead to success.Of course, rules are made to be broken…

How to Make an Easy Grid Mirror

This handsome guy needs a bigger mirror!

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These hometalkers need your help! see all

How do I repurpose a heavy duty wooden artists easel?

I have an old and used artist easel like the one pictured, that was my fathers. Would like to repurpose it for something useful. Looking for any and all ideas. Thank you

Any suggestions on how to lighten the color of this storage organizer?

I bought this Better Home & Garden Storage Organizer online. I previously bought one from the same brand under the same color "natural" which is more of an off-white.This…

Any Ideas for this wall with the stove pipe?

I am unclear as to what to do with this part of my master bedroomThis is where the bed will be..

Repair table top?

I recently ordered and received a new dining table… when I received and after we put it together and turned it over, we realized it had been damaged in shipping.How do I…

How do I reuse the mechanism from a futon? ?

We bought a cheap metal framed futon and it broke. I feel like it would be a waist to throw a way the folding arms, I just can't figure out a good use for them. They stil…

How to restore veneer dresser?

Curious if this dresser can be restored. My partner insists it is an antique. I would like to pitch it

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Modern DIY Candle Holder

Showcase your colorful taper candles with this handmade candle holder that’ll fit right in with your modern decorThis DIY candle holder is made from natural air-dry clay…

Chair Makeover DIY: Garbage to Gorgeous Episode #9

Furniture makeovers are a fun way to express your style and decorate on a budget. I especially enjoy a good chair makeover because everyone usually has a place begging fo…

Upcycled Step Ladder Decorating Ideas

This DIY upcycled step ladder project is easy! A little bit of paint, scrap wood and some distressing and you have yourself an adorable plant stand for a front porch or e…

Dollar Store DIY Decor: Block Ties Candle Holder

Who would have thought a pack of hair ties could make a votive candle holder so hip and modern?!